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Water. A Simple Checklist Today. A Lifestyle Tomorrow Put a tick in the box, if you experience any of the following while exercising? thirst dry mouth dry cough fatigue light-headedness dizziness heat intolerance less urine output dark-coloured urine muscle fatigue or muscle cramps poor coordination reduced athletic ability inability to properly regulate body temperature heat exhaustion heat stroke If you’ve marked any of the boxes above, it could mean you are experiencing some level of dehydration while exercising. Talk to your trainer or doctor, and start keeping yourself hydrated while working out/playing a sport. Here are two simple tests to check if you are dehydrated: Test 1: Fill in the following blanks and do this simple exercise to check your level of dehydration Weight before exercise : __ kg Weight after exercise : __ kg Calculate: Weight before exercise – Weight after exercise x 100 = ___ and Divide this by Weight before exercise If the answer is greater than 1 and ≤ 5, it indicates dehydration If the answer is greater than 5, it indicates severe dehydration Test 2: When you use the washroom during your workout the urine is dark yellow – amber in colour the urine has an intense odour If you ticked either of the boxes above, it could indicate you are dehydrated.
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